Compliance Solutions provides custom preventative maintenance programs for all manufacturers and brands, including Amico, Beacon Medaes, Ohio Medical, Pattons Medical, Powerex, Ohmeda, and Oxequip. These programs are custom tailored to the particular manufacturer and equipment models. All preventative maintenance programs are completed by our ASSE 6040 certified technicians and are based on manufacturer recommendations to keep equipment running and operating continuously and efficiently.

Repairs that are needed can be made onsite at the facility’s discretion and the parts’ availability. Our preventative maintenance program is centered around patient safety and ensures the proper operation of equipment while meeting the standards of the NFPA. Compliance Solutions also offers consultation services for replacement parts or new system installs or replacements. Preventative maintenance programs include all medical gas source equipment such as Medical Gas Manifolds, Medical Air Systems, Instrument Air Systems, Air Compressors, Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal Systems (WAGD), and Medical Vacuum Systems.

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