Medical gas booms are articulating arms within Operating Rooms, procedure rooms, trauma ED rooms, or Intensive Care Units that provide maneuverability of electrical and medical gases within the room where health care professionals perform operations in. These can be in the form of articulating arms or ceiling columns that provide vertical movement of these vital tools.

Although these devices provide an excellent convenience for health care professionals, problems can and will arise when you add movement to any electrical or gaseous system. NFPA 99 2018 requires these devices to be inspected every 18 months to ensure no life-threatening issues can occur. Movement with gases and electrical systems can cause hoses and cords to become worn and frayed causing leaks within these moving parts. Leaks of gases such as Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide can result in over-oxygenated cavities that increase the risk of internal fires.

Our uniquely trained staff at Compliance Solutions are trained to inspect your booms and moving ceiling columns for these issues and will develop a well-documented report that includes all findings and inventory of the booms and ceiling columns located in your facility and keep your facility safe and up to code.

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