Occasionally a medical gas system will need upgrades or repairs, this can cause the system to be shut down with an interruption of the medical gas supply. This is where it is crucial to set up a back feed kit to keep the supply of medical gas uninterrupted to patient areas. If you’re expecting a medical gas shutdown for construction, renovations, or equipment replacement then a back feed setup provided by Compliance Solutions is a must.

Our back feed setup provides a consistent, uninterrupted delivery of gas to your patient rooms, procedure rooms, operating rooms, or anywhere medical gas is located during the shutdown period. Individual zones, multiple zones, or even the entire medical gas system can be back fed. Our team is experienced in back-feeding oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and instrument air. We can offer a solution that will fit your facility’s needs whether it be a turnkey back feed setup or individual components to complete your existing setup.

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