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Medical Gas Annual Testing

Compliance Solutions offers annual medical gas testing that outlines a preventative testing measure to ensure the entire medical gas system in your facility is kept up to date with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 99 2012) code requirements and is tested for the performance of the system. The testing ensures leaks, faults, and non-code compliant systems are tested, documented, and placed into a report for the facility to reference. With the experienced ASSE 6030 certified technicians at Compliance Solutions, we can develop a plan of action for faulty or leaking equipment.

Our testing consists of properly testing all patient terminals throughout the facility, including high usage areas such as Intensive Care Unites, Emergency Departments, and Operating Rooms. Source equipment such as vacuum pumps, air compressors, medical gas manifolds, bulk stations, master alarm panels, area alarm panels, and zone valves are also tested and inspected to ensure the systems are up to code and functioning properly. All our equipment is calibrated as per the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) requirements.

Our testing can improve efficiency and reliability of your existing system and can ensure compliance to the standards of NFPA 99 2012, which is accepted by Joint Commission, CMS, and local governing bodies.

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Medical Gas Systems Testing and Repair at Compliance Solutions in the USA

Medical Gas Certifications

Medical Gas Verifications are required and are a crucial step to ensure any new, altered, or renovated medical gas system is safe to use for patient use. Our ASSE 6030 certified technicians are trained and experienced with up to date and calibrated equipment that is used in verifying medical gas systems. Each verification consists of different and challenging obstacles that our trained technicians are prepared for. Medical gas verifications can consist of new pipe work or existing systems that have been installed new or altered during a renovation. Items that are tested can range from just patient terminals to new source equipment, area alarms, master alarms, zone valves and more. Per the NFPA 99 2018 a third party must be contracted to perform a medical gas verification and that’s where Compliance Solutions can meet your needs. Contact us today for a quote on your next verification.

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Medical Gas Systems Testing and Repair at Compliance Solutions in the USA

Boom Testing

Medical gas booms are articulating arms within Operating Rooms, procedure rooms, trauma ED rooms, or Intensive Care Units that provide maneuverability of electrical and medical gases within the room that health care professionals perform operations in. These can be in the form of articulating arms, or ceiling columns that provide vertical movement of these vital tools.

Although these devices provide excellent convenience for health care professionals, problems can and will arise when you add movement to any electrical or gaseous system. NFPA 99 2018 requires these devices to be inspected every 18 months to ensure no life threating issues can occur. Movement with gases and electrical systems can cause hoses and cords to become worn and frayed causing leaks within these moving parts. Leaks of gases such as Oxygen & Nitrous Oxide can result in over oxygenated cavities that increase the risk of internal fires. Our uniquely trained staff at Compliance Solutions are trained to inspect your booms and moving ceiling columns for these issues and will develop a well-documented report that includes all findings and inventory of the booms and ceiling columns located in your facility and keep your facility safe and up to code.

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Medical Gas Back Feed Setup


Is your facility in need of medical gas system repairs? Our team at Compliance Solutions is ASSE 6030 and ASSE 6040 certified to complete all medical gas system repairs. Per the NFPA 99, any personal doing repairs or maintenance to a medical gas system must be ASSE 6030 or ASSE 6040 credentialed. Repairs to medical gas systems include leaking or faulty patient terminals, zone valves, area alarms, master alarms, source equipment, air compressors, vacuum pumps, medical gas manifolds, or medical gas pipeline. Faulty equipment is found during an annual inspection of the medical gas system, or they can arise at any point. Not sure if you need repairs? Contact us to schedule your Annual Medical Gas Inspection. Have repairs that need done? Contact us to get a quote today!

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medical construction design reviews

Construction Design Reviews

Compliance Solutions offers design and construction review for your current or future projects. These designs can start with just the simple addition of a patient terminal to an install of an entire new medical gas system. Our consultation team can review any designs works and give you the peace of mind to know your system will be installed per the NFPA 99. With the certified team members of Compliance Solutions, we will be able to assist with any questions or concerns you may have regarding design or code requirements.

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Medical Gas Systems Testing and Repair at Compliance Solutions in the USA

Back Feed

Occasionally a medical gas system will need upgrades or repairs, this can cause the system to be shut down with interruption of medical gas supply. This is where it is crucial to setup a back feed kit to keep the supply of medical gas uninterrupted to patient areas. If you’re expecting a medical gas shut down for construction, renovations, or equipment replacement then a back feed setup provided by Compliance Solutions is a must. Our back feed setup provides a consistent, uninterrupted delivery of gas to your patient rooms, procedure rooms, operating rooms, or anywhere medical gas is located during the shutdown period. Individual zones, multiple zones, or even the entire medical gas system can be back fed. Our team is experienced in back feeding oxygen, medical air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and instrument air. We can offer a solution that will fit your facility’s needs whether it be a turnkey back feed setup or individual components to complete your existing setup.

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