Lab Chemical Monitoring

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all laboratory facilities to be within compliance standards that applies to hazardous chemicals that employees may be exposed to. Failure to comply with these standards not only can result in fines and lawsuits, but it can put the laboratory employees at risk. The best way to minimize risk is to monitor these hazardous chemicals. Compliance Solutions offers a wide variety of laboratory monitoring services including formaldehyde, xylene, acetic acid, ethyl and methyl alcohol. Failure to monitor these hazardous chemicals can cause a wide variety of health problems for employees and for a health care facility. This risk can be minimized with our industry leading chemical monitoring program. Compliance Solutions can determine testing locations and types of chemicals that need to be monitored in your facility. We offer a unique and customizable testing solutions that can fit your facility’s exact needs and keep you in compliance with OSHA standards and keep your employees safe. Contact us for a free quote today.

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Medical Gas Systems Testing and Repair at Compliance Solutions in the USA

WAG Monitoring

Waste Anesthetic Gas Disposal is an important part of any anesthesia circuit. The scavenging interface on anesthetic equipment is tasked with removing all nitrous oxide and halogenated gases from the ambient air. These gases can be harmful to patients & staff who use or are near anesthetic equipment such as anesthesia machines. Our certified technicians provide real-time monitoring to ensure all anesthetic equipment is leak-free. We provide a 21-point inspection on anesthetic equipment with a calibrated infrared gas analyzer so we can detect the smallest of leaks ensuring the ambient air is below the waste anesthetic gases OSHA limits.

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USP 797/800

Compliance Solutions offers USP 797/800 testing for environmental monitoring of sterile compounding areas. Top-tier USP 797/800laboratories trust Compliance Solutions for technical expertise and lab testing capabilities necessary to meet the challenge of implementing a rigorous USP 797/800 program. Compliance Solutions has extensive knowledge of the tests required and provides precision in reporting data that USP 797/800 consultants rely on. Choose Compliance Solutions for your USP 797/800 testing needs.

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